As my family grew up and spread their wings, I finally had some time for myself. My true crazy cat lady was making a bid for freedom, and I had persuaded my ever tolerant husband to agree to have a Cats Protection foster shelter in our garden. We both found it so rewarding to nurture a cat back to health or encourage a timid cat to become more confident. Once our work is done, off they go with a kiss, to a new forever home.

A seed was sown, and the idea of offering a safe, secure, modern, luxury Hotel for cats to stay while their Mum and Dad are away from home, was born. We wanted our Hotel to offer a personal service, and in order that we can get to know our guests and be able to adapt to their individual needs we decided to only have six double rooms. They are each carefully designed to give a calm and relaxing environment, a real cat holiday heaven.

The Seaside Cat Hotel has been developed with the input of the whole family, including Eric (the Ginger) and Evie (the Tabby), our resident food critics. While our guests are with us they become part of our family, and are given lots of love and cuddles, or peace and quiet if that’s what they want.

I now have my dream job, looking after animals I adore. I have lots of new cats to love, some to get clean, healthy and with new loving families. Others to pamper and return to their parents happy, healthy and relaxed.


Linda is the first point of contact should any of our guests need anything at all. She is always popping into their rooms to check they are enjoying their stay, and is the main provider of all the services at the hotel.

All maintenance at the hotel is done by Nigel and when at the hotel loves to meet the guests. He will take on various duties around the hotel when help is needed, in accordance with Linda’s exacting standards, or else!

Our resident food critics Eric (the ginger) and Evie (the tabby) take their job very seriously, and can often be found sleeping on the sofa after a busy taste testing session.

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