We aim to give our guests a relaxing, luxury experience, a real home from home.

Our bespoke cat hotel has been purrfectly designed with luxury, relaxation and happiness in mind.

Pamper your feline with one of our luxury all-inclusive holiday packages.


At the Seaside Cat Hotel, we aim to give our guests a relaxing, luxury experience, a real home from home. The hotel has been carefully designed around the needs of our feline guests, and is fully compliant with latest licencing conditions.

Located within a short walk of Stokes Bay, and the seaside village of Alverstoke in Gosport, Hampshire, our seaside boarding cattery has all rooms divided into a private heated cabin for relaxing and an individual promenade area to stretch your legs, enjoy some birdwatching or sleep in the sunshine.

We offer an all-inclusive package incorporating our regular Captain’s Table menu. For a touch of luxury, you can upgrade your package to include a Gourmet Dining Day or as a special treat, our feline Afternoon Tea.

Our aim is that each guest will have the perfect holiday, and return home relaxed and rejuvenated. We operate a loyalty scheme, and you can earn a free night by collecting stamps for each stay.



We offer a 5 Star package, at our Hotel, to enable our guests to have the purrfect holiday with additional upgrade options for cat holiday heaven.

Our 5 Star package is inclusive of meals from the Captain's Table menu selected according to our guests’ personal taste. Our attention and care come as standard, with the individual needs of each guest being our priority

All our guests are checked by our Evening Steward every night at bedtime to ensure they have everything they may need overnight, and to check their rooms are warm and cosy.

5 Star
Captain's Table Menu Food Available From Supermarkets
Calming Aromatherapy
Daily Massage, Grooming Session & Personal Trainer
Daily Maid & Evening Steward
Daily Rate
1 Guest £15.50
2 Guest Sharing £25.00
Gourmet Dining Day Per day
Feline Afternoon Tea Per day

Our 5 Star room includes

  • Captain's table menu food available from supermarkets
  • Calming aromatherapy
  • Daily massage, grooming session & personal trainer
  • Daily maid & evening steward

1 guest £15.50
2 guests sharing £25.00


Gourmet dining day per day £2.00
Feline afternoon tea per day £2.00


At the Seaside Cat Hotel we aim to offer luxury options for our guests. To enhance your holiday, why not upgrade and add a Gourmet Dining Day or the ultimate treat, a Feline Afternoon Tea.


The Gourmet Dining Day menu has been carefully selected and taste tested by our resident food critics Eric (the ginger) and Evie (the tabby). They have selected meals created by Canagans or Natures Menu Country Hunter for our guests.

The dry kibble chosen by our taste testers for this luxury dining experience is a Canagans choice. This is grain free and comes in two varieties, free range chicken or Scottish salmon. Both varieties offer at least 70% meat content along with carefully selected vegetables and botanicals for balanced nutrition. We will carefully select the accompanying wet meal choices for you. If it becomes obvious that our guests are not enjoying the choice we make, we will keep offering a different recipe until our guest decides which one is their favourite.


If our guests are celebrating a special occasion, or want to have a one-off luxury meal, the Feline Afternoon Tea, with new and exciting sweet treats to try, is ideal. These irresistible meals combine fruit and meat, and our guests love them. A selection from the following interesting recipes is carefully selected for the ultimate tasting experience; Chicken with Pineapple, Tuna with Papaya, Chicken with Apple, Tuna with Mango.

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